SDH Subtitling

Closed captions for TV and films

I provide media accessibility services to help people with hearing problems to enjoy audiovisual products available on television and VOD platforms. My SDH subtitles meet the standards of UNE 153010:2012 regulation. It consists in capturing the speech of the characters distinguished by a colour code and reflecting the type of sound and musical effects that appear in order to allow people with hearing difficulties to perceive all the nuances of the product without any kind of trouble.

Nowadays, SDH subtitling is also highly demanded by the general public due to new multimedia content consumption habits. We watch videos, series and films daily  in noisy places such as means of transport or public spaces. This subtitling service can offer great advantages in these cases. Moreover, it is a great support for users who learn languages through entertainment with series or films and for children who are learning to read, as it allows them to develop their reading and writing skills in an enjoyable way.

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